But Add Extra Flavor

Hungry for a Slice?

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States. Americans eat 350 slices per second or 21,000 slices per minute! Chances are pretty good (1 in 8) that you’ll eat a slice today, too. And you’ll want it from a clean pizza oven. Not just for fire safety and sanitation, but because pizzas made in clean ovens taste better, too!

A clean pizza oven protects from fires and prevent mechanical breakdowns, but it also produces a better flavor. When your pizza oven is dirty, your pizzas will cook unevenly because of build-up; a clean pizza oven produces an evenly cooked, more flavorful pizza.

Safe, Cheesy, and Delicious Are Just the Beginning

Regular commercial oven cleaning is a must. How often you clean depends on the traffic at your establishment, but to comply with NFPA standards, we recommend that you have a complete pizza oven cleaning no less than twice per year. Busy restaurants need to clean their conveyor ovens more frequently, and we can make recommendations based on your store’s volume.

In addition to producing consistently great-tasting pizza, your regularly cleaned ovens will help you reduce health risks, improve inspection ratings, lower insurance rates, save on electric bills (thanks to a more efficient oven), extend the life of your oven, and reduce the risk of an oven fire.

pizza chain oven cleaning

Our Secret Sauce

At its foundation, pizza seems simple — dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. But making a great pizza takes more than meets the eye. At Liberty Fire Protection, our philosophy is the same. We don’t just address the visible grime and dirt. Our certified technicians adhere to a precise process that includes disassembling key parts such as windows, insulated panels, racks, and belts and cleaning. By removing the buildup on the disassembled parts and in the interior baking chamber, we ensure an optimal clean. Then, we reassemble the oven and conduct inspections and test to ensure full functionality. By the time we’re done, your unit will look like new.

Finally, we provide you with digital copies of photographs, certificates and paperwork so you can easily email them to insurance companies, corporate offices, the fire marshal, and other parties. You can count on us for outstanding service and an unparalleled clean.