Before you start cooking, you prep, plan and organize all of the ingredients you will need throughout the meal service. Installing a fire suppression system is like the ultimate mise en place for the safety of your establishment. You want everything in place and in working order should a fire occur. The installation of a fire suppression system requires trained, experienced professionals who ensure the system meets code and complies with all governing rules and regulations for public safety. While it may be tempting to try to wing it on your own, this can be both dangerous and time-consuming (literally putting the “stall” in installation).

For over fifteen years, Liberty Fire Protection has been installing fire suppression systems quickly, effectively, and safely. Our trained professionals make sure that anything from an exhaust fan installation to a full fire suppression system installation is up to NFPA code. Leave the installation up to us so you can focus on managing everything else on your plate, with the confidence that the safety of your business is in good hands. Installation times vary depending on installation complexity, system type, and other factors. Contact us today for a free quote.

fire suppression systems installation by Intracoastal Fire Protection