When It Comes to Kitchen Exhaust Systems, Grease is NOT the Word!

Heat, smoke and grease vapors are pulled through your kitchen hood exhaust system through the hood, into the ductwork and out toward the roof’s exhaust fan where it can escape the building. A kitchen exhaust system works well when clean, but when left unchecked, the flammable residue created by the grease and oils in these traveling vapors poses a serious fire safety threat. The buildup combined with high temperatures in the kitchen can ignite and cause fire to quickly spread through the ventilation system. Remove the grease, and you remove the most significant threat to your kitchen’s fire safety.

Why Liberty Fire Protection is the One That You Want

The increasing complexity of ventilation systems require a professional cleaning that addresses every inch of your system. At Intracoastal Fire Protection, we ensure a complete and thorough cleaning of your entire kitchen exhaust system. We utilize a proven method that we’ve used in thousands of commercial kitchens across North and South Carolina to keep them clean and safe. It starts with an inspection of your entire system. Then, we clean and repair every element that needs attention including the hood, the connecting ductwork, and the fan unit or pollution control unit. This exacting kitchen exhaust cleaning service restores your system to an optimal state so it can effectively remove the smoke and grease vapors from your kitchen. By eliminating the fuel load and maintaining your ventilation system we help significantly reduce the risk or fire and ensure that any potential fire can be properly contained and extinguished before the safety of your team, your customers, or your property is compromised.

Hopelessly Devoted to the Benefits of Regular KECs

Got a fire code inspection coming up on the calendar? Then, it’s time to schedule a kitchen exhaust system cleaning. But, remember fire prevention is just one of the reasons why you should be regularly cleaning your kitchen exhaust systems:

  • Customer Confidence: A clean, safe kitchen shows your customers that you care about their health and the quality of the food you serve.
  • Environmental Health: Regular cleanings by Liberty Fire Protection reduce grease-laden particulates in the air and improve environmental safety. Nobody wants to breathe airborne contaminants! A clean, healthy kitchen improves the morale of both staff and customers. And, you benefit from increased productivity and fewer employee absences due to sick days.
  • Energy Savings: Regular kitchen exhaust system cleanings improve airflow in your ventilation system. Optimal airflow and ventilation translate into increased efficiency and better performance from your equipment. Bottom line: you save money on electric bills and potential equipment repairs.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Replacement fan motors (and the other parts in your exhaust system) don’t come cheap. Regular kitchen exhaust cleanings reduce system maintenance keeps your motor running longer and prolongs the life of your entire system.
  • Public Safety: Fire prevention is a civic duty. By keeping your kitchen exhaust system in check, you’re not just protecting your own property and reputation; you’re protecting your neighbors and the community at large.