Let's Look Under the Hood

We Love Greasy Spoons, But Not Greasy Kitchen Hoods

Guy Fieri isn’t the only person who loves diners, drive-ins, and dives. There’s nothing better than great-tasting comfort food served up by hard-working chef in a greasy spoon. But while those hero chefs cook their mouth-watering creations, grease, moisture, and smoke permeate the air and get drawn up through the kitchen hood. These components then travel through the filters and into the ductwork en route to the roof’s exhaust fan. Over time, all of those oil- and grease-ridden particles eventually build up and become a significant fire hazard.

In any kitchen — from the local 24-hour diner to a sought-after Michelin-starred restaurant, a kitchen exhaust system works well when clean. But, when left unchecked, you get a serious fire safety threat from the accumulation of greasy, oily flammable particulates that permeate the air and the ventilation system. This buildup combined with the kitchen’s high temperatures can ignite and cause fire to spread quickly. Remove the grease, and you remove the most significant threat to fire safety in your restaurant.

Why Elbow Grease Just Won’t Cut It

The increasing complexity of ventilation systems require professional cleaning that addresses every inch of your system. At Intracoastal Fire Protection, we ensure a complete and thorough cleaning of your entire kitchen exhaust system. Our proven method, used in thousands of commercial kitchens across North and South Carolina, helps keep your establishment clean and safe.

It starts with an inspection of your entire system. Then, we clean and repair every element that needs attention including the hood, the connecting ductwork, and the fan unit or pollution control unit. We restore your kitchen hood (and your entire system) to an optimal state so it can effectively remove smoke and grease vapors. By eliminating the fuel load and maintaining your ventilation system we help significantly reduce the risk or fire and ensure that any potential fire can be properly contained and extinguished before the safety of your staff, your customers, or your property is compromised.

The Benefits of a Clean Hood Go Far Beyond the Kitchen

Kitchen hood cleaning protects your business from a catastrophic fire and costly downtime, but it does far more than keeping the fire code inspector happy. It will make your employees, your customers and your wallet happier, too:

  • Customer Confidence: A clean, safe kitchen hood and exhaust system shows that you care about food quality, employee health, and the comfort of your customers.
  • Environmental Health: Your restaurant’s kitchen hood doesn’t just trap flammable grease and oil particulates. The hood’s moisture and heat can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew. Regular cleanings of your ventilation system by Intracoastal Fire Protection reduce airborne contaminants and help to prevent illness. A clean, healthy kitchen makes for happy, healthy workers and diners. Ultimately, your bottom-line benefits from better sales and fewer staff absences due to sick days.
  • Code Compliance: NFPA Standards require the maintenance and cleaning of commercial cooking equipment, including exhaust and fan systems. Violations of these or other codes or regulations can result in a failed inspection. The cost of regular cleanings is insignificant when compared to the time, money and bad PR to bring an establishment back into code and patrons back to your tables. Furthermore, if a fire should occur due to lack of cleaning, your insurance company might hold you liable and deny your claim.
  • Energy Savings: Regular professional kitchen hood cleaning improves airflow in your ventilation system. This, in turn, promotes efficiency and better performance from your equipment. You save money on power bills and reduce your repair and maintenance costs.
  • Public Safety: Everything is interconnected. Fires often start when a high flame flares on the stove. The flame comes in contact with the kitchen hood’s filter and ignites it. The exhaust fan draws the flames into the ductwork, and the greasy residue fuels what could potentially be a catastrophic fire. Likewise, a clean restaurant kitchen hood helps prevent and contain potential fires. By regularly cleaning and maintaining your restaurant hood and kitchen exhaust system, you’re not just protecting your own staff, customers, property, and reputation; you’re protecting your neighbors and the community at large.