Take your Workplace to the Next Level of Clean

Commercial Pressure Washing

When your property is in need of a pressure cleaning, it might be tempting to try it yourself. But, when it comes to taking preventative measures to maintain your building’s exterior and surfaces, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who know when to adjust pressure based on the surface (wood, vinyl and concrete all require different settings) and also when to bring in heat and cleaning solutions that comply with the EPA’s Clean Water Act.

Pressure washing your surfaces, extends the lifespan of your property by restoring dirty and discolored surfaces, removing tough stains or graffiti, and preventing mildew and mold. The exterior of commercial properties is under constant stress from heavy traffic, environmental factors like pollen, pollution, dust and weather. This can stain or discolor building siding, concrete surfaces, sidewalks, driveways and outdoor patios. Our commercial pressure washing service keeps your property looking clean and inviting whether conducted seasonally, after storms or spills, or after outdoor events.

Concrete Cleaning

There are many different places in and around your building that might benefit from concrete cleaning, and it takes a trained professional to know which type of cleaner to use on the various types of concrete in these locations. With proper and effective concrete cleaning, you maintain the integrity and long-term use of your space. Not only will professional concrete cleaning lengthen the lifespan of your property, but it will also elevate the look and feel of your business.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

If you don’t take the time to thoroughly clean your dumpster pads, they’ll be hard to ignore (in the worst ways). Left alone without professional cleaning services, dumpster pads can attract all sorts of nasty problems including rodents, insects, and bacteria growth. Not only that, but a dirty dumpster pad will likely leave slick surfaces that create unsafe working conditions for your employees. Regular cleaning keeps your dumpster pads safe and unremarkable to patrons, which is exactly how it should be.

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Grease Containment

After going through your vent hood, grease deposits may end up on your roof and cause structural erosion to your property. Grease buildup can also clog your drains and vents, creating a fire hazard in your kitchen and killing the plants or animals that come into contact with grease deposits on your roof.

The buildup of grease around your kitchen and on the roof is inevitable over time, but a grease containment system ensures that you are doing all you can to prevent hazardous rooftop conditions and/or significant damage to your property.

Vent Hood Filter Cleaning

One of the best things about a properly functioning vent hood is that it pulls in a lot of the grime and grease that might otherwise build up around kitchen surfaces. Unfortunately, that means that your vent hood is prime real estate for substantial grease buildup. When your vent hood filter is full of kitchen contaminants, the airflow in your kitchen may become restricted, making it an unsafe working environment. Vent hood filter cleaning will ensure that the vent hood can continue to function well, keeping your kitchen as safe and grease-free as possible.

Soak Tank Cleaning

A clean soak tank can save time and eliminate unnecessary work in your kitchen. When you place your dirty equipment in a soak tank, you can leave it there while you finish other tasks. Come back later, and you’ll find equipment that will be ready to use after a quick rinse. Unfortunately, if your soak tank is dirty, it will likely leave you with a bigger mess than the one you started with. When you have your soak tank professionally cleaned, you can feel confident that your soak tank will do its job and your kitchen will continue to run efficiently without extra unnecessary hours of washing, scrubbing, and scouring.

Commercial Rooftop Cleaning

Consistent use of your kitchen will cause fumes, grease, and other grimy buildup that moves through your ventilation system and ends up on your roof. If your roof is not cleaned properly, it can cause structural erosion, hazardously slick surfaces, and other significant damage. A clean and well-maintained roof keeps the harsh elements outside and maintains a comfortable atmosphere inside, which is why rooftop cleaning is one of the most important steps in your preventative maintenance plan.